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imwsts II (it matters what stories tell stories) (2023-2024)

'imwsts II' focuses on more-than-human stories ; birdstories. Deeply rooted in multispecies environmental justice, it aims to amplify bird voices, and reveal the existing historical and present bonds between birds and humans. In exchange for wool and seeds, birds share their points of view, their stories, their opinions, that are broadcasted live into other, often human, spaces. The channel creates an opportunity for deep listening for non-birds.
The project 'imwsts II' is ongoing, and the birds will share their stories live throughout the winter and spring of 2023-2024. Have a listen soon!
curators: Anna Viola Hallberg and Ami Skånberg
residency: Björkö Konstnod, SE - as part of the program 'walking as practice'.
links to the collective online exhibition of the 'WAP' program:

photos: Aurike Quintelier
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